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The winter hut - Not guarded:

You must be 100% autonomous.

No need to book, the refuge is open. It has a dormitory for 20 people and a non-sacred room where you can take shelter. You will find everything you need for heating (stove, wood), cooking (gas, crockery), sleeping (mattresses and blankets) as well as a dry toilet (small cabin below).

    "Be careful in winter there is no running water in the refuge! "

A small contribution is required

From now on, payment is made online and afterwards, when you come down from the refuge online.


  •     Adult night rate: 11 euros (all taxes included)
  •     Overnight stay for young people* and students: 5 euros including tax
  •     Day pass fee** : 2 euros TTC

* Young people from 8 to 18 years old

** If using cooking facilities and/or dishes

Free night for children under 8 years oldYou must be 100% autonomous.


The bins

We ask you to remain vigilant to the place and to bring down all your waste! You are at 2537m altitude, the degradation of your remains is very very slow... Please only burn paper and cardboard in the wood stove, it is not an incinerator.


Even if the weather is very nice, the weather changes very quickly in the mountains, it is essential to close all the openings (doors and windows) after your stay.

Please leave the refuge clean and tidy after your stay. We wish you a pleasant stay...


                                                                                                                         The warden


A reminder: The Fond des Fours refuge is a refuge of the Vanoise National Park.

The Vanoise National Park owns 16 refuges which are usually guarded during the summer and some in the spring. Outside these periods, these buildings are in a restricted configuration, in "winter refuge" mode, with the possibility for visitors to sleep there and to access some services (bedding, cooking plate, wood stove...).

A financial contribution is requested from visitors to allow us to continue to offer these services. Until now, payment was made directly at the refuge by slipping the amount to be paid in cash or cheque into a "trunk". When the wardens came to the hut, they regularly collected the money from the trunks. From now on, payment is made online and afterwards, on the way down from the refuge, on the online tool:



On this payment platform, you will be able to select prices (adult/child), huts and dates. The creation of your account and the validation of your basket will allow you to pay by credit card via the 3D Secure system (secure payment protocol for online financial transactions).

You will receive an email confirming your payment and will then find the detailed invoice in your personal space, as well as all your previous payments.


You will be able to report problems or damage in the huts by clicking on "Report a problem in a hut".

    Good to know, this new online payment system does not allow you to book a hut before your stay... In the same way, it will no longer be possible to pay on the spot in cash or by cheque.

We therefore count on your civic sense and your attachment to the mountains to think about paying when you come down from the huts. Your payment allows the good maintenance of the refuges... and the possibility of experiencing other nights on the summit. Thank you for your help!

"It's worth paying!

National Park rangers regularly go up to the huts when they are no longer manned to check:

  • The state of the gas and dry wood levels in the hut (change the bottle if necessary);
  • The correct functioning of the emergency beacon and the electrical installation.
  • They take the opportunity to clear snow from the entrances and solar panels if necessary.